QF-Test Australia

QF-TEST AUSTRALIA is a test automation consultancy and the exclusive antipodean partner company of QFS (Quality First Software, Germany, QFS.de), the developer of the automated testing software QF-Test.

Whether your team is working on feature enhancement, legacy systems support, maintenance mode or a project kick-off, test definition and automated execution can be harnessed to reduce costs and provide a safety net for your development team.


What we do

QF-TEST AUSTRALIA is the exclusive antipodean partner company of QFS (Quality First Software, Germany, QFS.de), the developer of the automated testing software QF-Test.

QF-Test provides best in class automation of test cases for Java GUIs and web-based applications. Advanced options like structuring and modularization strongly increase the reusability of system tests and thus reduce the maintenance effort.  Expert functions like scripting in Jython or Groovy enable access beyond the user interface.  With its focus on regression testing, QF-Test is also applicable as a driver for load test automation.

We are able to provide training, support and development expertise to facilitate cost effective implementation of an automated test harness. Specialising in agile methodologies where continuous integration demands a high coverage, low maintenance UI driven test suite, the QF-Test consultant service can assist.

What we offer


Training in QF-Test is based on the standard training materials supplied by QFS and can be provided in-house or in a web conference setting.

With a decade of experience using the tool, QF-TEST AUSTRALIA will be able to provide you with the necessary support and training to demonstrate the full set of features QF-Test supplies. Your team will harness the capabilities of QF-Test, allowing you to build quality into your products.


Questions or queries, removal of blockers, scripting, continuous integration, debugging, log analysis, reporting and all technical questions can be fielded locally or escalated through to the QF-Test product team directly.

Test Development

QF-TEST AUSTRALIA has extensive experience generating comprehensive automated test coverage on many long term projects encompassing Swing, Web-Applications (tested on i.e, safari, firefox and chrome), Eclipse apps and Javaws applications on Windows and Linux platforms. 

Whether you have a product requiring automated tests to be run as a safety net against regressions or whether you simply want manual test execution effort to be minimised, a suitable suite of automated tests can be authored and maintained.


QF-Test is ...

Professional, well established, efficient

Professional tool for automated testing of Java and Web applications with a graphical user interface (GUI) for testers and developers

Available since 2001, approved by over 1000 customers from 50 countries

Modular, reusable tests in combination with user-friendly handling and a competitive price lead to a high return on investment (ROI)

User-friendly, comprehensively documented, perfectly supported

Easy to learn for both testers and developers thanks to an intuitive user interface and capture/replay

Extensive documentation (manual tutorial), further resources like mailing list with archive, videos, webinars and reviews

Powerful, robust, cross-platform,

Automated regression and load tests for Java Swing, SWT, Eclipse plugins and RCP applications, ULC, CaptainCasa, Applets and WebStart, JavaFX - on Windows and Linux/Unix

Cross-browser web testing of static and dynamic (HTML5 / AJAX) pages with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox - the latter on Windows and Linux/Unix

QF-Test supports completely frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js

Reliable recognition even of complex and dynamic UI components; Tests are tolerant to GUI changes and thus require little maintenance

Various mechanisms of sequential control and modularisation allow development of sophisticated tests

Configurable reports and test documentation

Who we are

QF-TEST AUSTRALIA is the antipodean partner company of QFS (Quality First Software), the developer of the automated testing software QF-Test.

For information on QFS please visit qfs.de

About Chris

Chris Stanbridge is a Test Automation Specialist, with 17 years experience working in the software industry in various quality assurance and devops roles. Eleven years ago, Chris was part of a development team managing the testing for a multi-million dollar project. An environment scan for a suitable tool led to the nominating and implementation of QF-Test as the tool of choice for all test automation. Since then Chris has specialised in developing maintainable, re-usable and transferable automated-test suites that exercise all of the valuable features that QF-Test provides across multiple projects in a wide array of organisations from telecoms to R&D to ERP.

Chris believes that for Swing, Eclipse and Java based web applications, QF-Test is the leading automation tool available in our industry today. No other product provides the feature rich useability and return on investment that QFS have built into QF-Test.

Chris is employed in a full time capacity as a senior consultant for IntegrationQA helping customers drive automation across build, deployment and test.



Any questions? Contact our Australian representative, we look forward to talking with you.

Chris Stanbridge
M: 0415 116 109
E: chris@qftaustralia.com